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Плътна преградна система

Fancy Solid Bulkheads



Solid partition walls contribute to higher noise insulation and privacy in the office space and, dressed with wood veneer, bring exceptional coziness to the interior. The combination with glass surfaces makes the design diverse and welcoming.

  • Design: Powder-coated aluminum, melamine, perforation, stainless steel, steel, lacquer finish

  • Safety: Drop prevention, intrusion protection

  •  Statics: Impact Loads, Seismic Safety, Stable

  • Acoustics: Airborne sound reduction, longitudinal sound reduction

  • Hygiene: Clean with a vacuum cleaner, wipe

  • Fire protection: Fire resistant construction

  • Corrosion protection: Interior

Плътна преградна система
Плътна преградна система


  • Wall thickness: 102 mm

  • Height: Up to 4500 mm

  • Raster width: Up to 1600 mm

  • Weight - 65 kg/m²

  • Grip to the building structure: Hidden connections to the slab and walls; Perimeter seals; Deviations ±10 in height and width

  • Glass thickness: 19mm melamine, 6mm/8mm tempered glass

  • Types of panels: Aluminum with powder coating, enamel, melamine, veneer, perforation, stainless steel, steel

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