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Алуминиева дограма, профили

Aluminum joinery

Алумниева дограма


Aluminum is a multifunctional lightweight material with minimal maintenance costs. It has a long life, is resistant to weather conditions and corrosion, and can be easily molded and reworked repeatedly with minimal loss of material.
Aluminum windows are very strong and practically eternal. Aluminum does not corrode from moisture, is not affected by large temperature differences and retains its structure forever. Enables complex architectural solutions. It is used for rooms with various purposes. It is easy to maintain and provides a very high density when closed.

However, on the other hand, aluminum is a good conductor of temperature, which means that to make windows for a home or office, the aluminum profile should be thermally broken. These are plastic inserts (made of polyamide) that divide the profile into two parts, thus distinguishing the interior from the exterior space. The width of the thermal bridge is essential for good results.

Алумниева дограма
Алумниева дограма


Aluminum joinery is used wherever there are increased requirements for strength. Therefore, this material dominates in the construction of winter gardens and suspended facades.
The market also offers aluminum window frames without an interrupted thermal bridge, also known as "cold profile". Its use in the home is also possible, but it is limited to making interior doors, mainly bathrooms and toilets, interior partition walls and other interior solutions.
It is also applicable for glazing terraces that are not heated. Mounted on an external wall in a heated room with high air humidity, it guarantees the formation of condensation and mold, so this type of use is not desirable.

Палитра с цветове RAL


Color is the most important optical factor for humans and an indisputably significant element in architecture. Traditionally, the joinery is available in white, but the profiles can be powder-coated in the entire color range according to the RAL catalog or in wood decor.

Палитра дървени десени


Асистал лого

Catalog "ASISTAL"

Take a look at the catalog of the aluminum systems of the Turkish company "ASISTAL".

Алумил лого

Catalog "ALUMIL"

Take a look at the catalog of the aluminum systems of the Greek company "ALUMIL".

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