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Вътрешни щори

Internal blinds

Internal blinds are not only for beauty, comfort, elegance, but also for practicality – they protect from bright sunlight or night lighting, limit the spread of hot or cold air, protect from dust, etc. But above all, internal blinds are a very important part of the interior, so their choice should be approached responsibly.
"Vip Plast OOD" offers a wide variety of interior blinds that add warmth and coziness to your home. To see all the types and patterns, come to one of our showrooms where we have a wide variety of samples of the types of blinds.

Вътрешни щори

Vertical blinds

Internal vertical blinds are an excellent solution when covering large windows, showcases or sliding windows

Хоризонтални Вътрешни щори

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are the most commonly used and preferred product for internal shading.

Роло Вътрешни щори

Roller blinds

They are made of textile materials with a wide assortment of colors and patterns, respectively with greater or lesser permeability to sunlight. 

Плисе Вътрешни щори

Pleated blinds

 Pleated blinds combine   ultra modern design and   magnificent control of   the light.Extremely   spectacular product, they are   an interesting solution   for the layout of   Your windows.

Дървени Вътрешни щори

Dirvenetian blinds

Wooden horizontal blinds are a luxurious version of the classic horizontal blinds. They give  natural beauty and comfort of the room.

Вътрешни щори Хармония

Harmony blinds

The "Harmony" blind is a gentle combination of ethereal fabric located between vertical PVC slats, which are operated using a rail mechanism.

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