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Folding and sliding glass systems 

/Profileless glazing/


Vip Plast offers unique folding and sliding glass systems for profileless panoramic glazing with a very wide application in the field of construction:


For exterior application:

  • glazing of balconies

  • hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes

  • swimming pools

  • terraces and verandas 

For interior application:

  • for interior partitioning of offices and large rooms

  • for conference rooms

  • вътрешни преградни стенни конструкции.                    _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   

  • maximum penetration of light into the room;

  • providing good sound insulation, reduces noise by 10-12db;

  • the ability to move all the wings and fully open the porch or balcony;

  • aesthetic appearance of the building;

  • discovering a beautiful panoramic view;

  • possibility of tinting the glazing;

  • protection of the interior from dust, wind, snow, rain, etc.;

  • excellent compatibility with the modern interior and appearance - the glass does not overload the space and does not differ from the main design idea;

  • compactness of the system - when opening / closing, they take up minimal space;

  • strength and durability of the glass - tempered tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm is used.

  • ease of maintenance in all seasons.

Безпрофилно остъкление
Безпрофилно остъкление

Sliding system

We offer a 4-channel and 5-channel system. The gathering of the wings can be done at one end or at both ends, by retracting one behind the other.

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Foldflexible system

The folding system consists of lower and upper rails on which the wings move. At the ends, the system is framed with finishing side profiles.

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