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Vertical blinds

Choose vertical blinds that completely replace curtains. They give a finished look to the home and office, to the establishment. You can combine the color of your vertical blinds with the color of the walls, furniture, laminate or make them different and stand out more clearly from the interior. 

Internal vertical blinds are an excellent solution when covering large windows, showcases or sliding windows. The materials from which the products in question are made are usually synthetic polyester fibers. They are highly durable, do not change color, and are easy to clean. 

The sunlight. The mechanism by which they are constructed enables efficient control and dosage of the light that enters the room.

Vertical blinds are available in a variety of colors, patterns and motifs. They can be with textile  or PVC slats. The width of the slats can be 89 mm or 127 mm. Different types of fabrics and colors have different degrees of light transmission according to your desire and needs. Our consultants have experience in offering the optimal solution. 

It is possible to choose between  the control and collection schemes of the blinds: manual (on the left, right,  on both ends or in the middle), as well as the location of the mechanism for control of the blind (on the left or on the right)  according to the needs and judgment of the customer or automatically (electric drive), as well as different installation - on a wall or  on ceiling.

Вертикални Вътрешни щори
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