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Гаражни врати

Garage doors



 Roller  doors are preferred for protecting the garage because of their good noise and heat insulation performance. They are reliable and have a long service life. Thermally insulated roller shutter doors can be installed externally on the facade, thereby increasing the depth of the garage.
They are made of double-sided galvanized aluminum lamellas with polyurethane filling. The height of the slats is H77. The box and guides are also aluminum. The size of the box depends on the height of the door. Garage doors are only available with automation. Drive options are: wired motor with button or wireless motor with remote control. To drive the door in the event of a power failure, it is necessary  to install a  UPS.


Гаражни врати
Палитра дървени десени


The slats are available in white, brown RAL8014, silver, golden oak, walnut, mahogany and anthracite. The set /box and guides/ can be painted in all colors according to the RAL catalog or wood imitation.

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