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Windows with cold profile M 940

An aluminum profile /"cold profile"/ is made entirely of pure aluminum. This type of construction does not have good noise and thermal insulation. The main characteristic of this type of profile is that it lets heat through. This fact requires its use in rooms with a constant temperature, without sudden changes , as this will lead to the presence of condensation on the glass. By no means does this make the cold profile a bad choice, however, if it is placed in the right place for it. Such structures are light and have an elegant appearance. They are recommended to be placed on verandas , entrance doors, for interior doors and interior partitions.

The ALUMIL M series 940  /cold profile/ is  created according to the European standard and is the lightest product line for all biaxial opening typologies. It can be used in all possible small construction applications. Three levels of compaction with EPDM compactors. Tested and officially certified by EKANAL laboratory Greece officially selected by EC.

Алуминиева дограма профил


• Case width 37 mm;
• Wing width 44 mm;
• Double-glazed windows - possibility of placing single and double-glazed windows and all kinds of fillings;
• Shapes: standard/square, rectangle/ and non-standard shapes/triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, dividers/. Arches, circles and curves on request;
• Colors: The profiles can be painted according to the entire RAL range, as well as in wood decors /according to the catalog - golden oak, dark oak, wenge, mahogany/;
• Single color profiles are not offered;
• Design: round case, round sash, straight divider.

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