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Profilink Classic-4 - camera system

ProfiLink Classic is a four-chamber system for production of PVC  windows and doors. This system is an excellent choice for any room - a perfect combination of low price and high quality.

ПВЦ профил


• Case width-60mm;
• Heat transfer coefficient -Uw up to 1.175;
• Sound insulation -31-34 dB;
• PVC - the raw material from which the profiles are made is of the highest quality, which makes them very resistant to the strongest and most aggressive environmental influences;
• The surface of the profiles is perfectly smooth;
• Rounded shapes create new visual solutions;
• The construction of the system is highly stable, as universal amplifiers with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm are used;
• Option to choose between a glass package with different widths - 24 mm or 30 mm.

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