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Душ кабини

Shower cabins


  В последните години като едни от най-търсените артикули за обзавеждането  на баня  са  душ кабините and the glass screens. Their main purpose is to divide the total area of the bathroom into a dry and a wet room. Our products will transform your bathroom from an ordinary room into a place for relaxation after a long working day.

  Buying a ready-made shower cabin from the store imposes a lot of restrictions and compromises. You must comply with the sizes that are offered, and they do not always fit your space. The company "Vip  Plast" Ltd. offers shower cabins made of 8 mm tempered glass with different sizes.

Нюанси стъкло душ кабини


  When making a shower cabin according to an individual project, its location and the way of opening the doors are determined quite precisely. Shower cabin configurations can be different depending on the size and shape of the bathroom. 
We offer static screens and shower cabins with opening or sliding doors. The glass can be transparent, frosted, colored (brown, green, gray) or with different decorations as you wish.
Various coatings such as Clear shield and Cristal guard, which have an anti-drip effect, are now available on the market. This is a special glass treatment that results in easy  cleaning- this treatment is applied to the surface of the glass making a protective layer that repels water and reduces dust and limescale residue. The anti-drip effect ensures greater hygiene and allows faster and easier cleaning, saving time and money. 

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