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Sun protection openable systems /Blinds/

White Walls


Openable solar protection systems effectively prevent overheating of buildings from the sun. They reduce the need for air conditioning and thus save energy, guaranteeing comfort in the interior spaces. The useful area around the building's windows is expanded, while at the same time effective protection from direct sunlight is achieved and it is a serious noise barrier. The variety of fastening elements and specially designed profiles allow complex and individual architectural concepts and bold solutions. VIPPLAST offers an elegant and light structure design, fitting into the style of any building - traditional type and contemporary. Blinds are widely used in suspended facades and buildings with large glazed areas - malls, airports, hospitals, hotels, shops, public buildings, offices, schools, gas stations and others.

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  • Vertical and horizontal version

  • Maximum width for vertical systems - 3000mm, maximum height - 3000mm

  • Maximum width for horizontal systems - 2000mm, maximum height - 3000mm

  • Available in the full range of RAL colors

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