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Биоклиматична алуминиева пергола

22 years on the market

Thousands of realized projects

Thousands of satisfied customers

Innovative solutions and products

Guaranteed quality

Professionally trained team



The company "VIPPLAST" was founded in 1998 in the city of Burgas. At that time, the company only offered   blinds, windows and mosquito nets.


In April 2011, the company created its own office and showroom and drastically expanded its catalog.


In 2015 "VIPPLAST" created and started offering its patented and innovative product "Bioclimatic aluminum pergola". In the same year, a room for painting aluminum profiles was also built


In 2018, the construction of the "VIPPLAST" production base in the "Fifth Kilometer" district, in the suburbs of Burgas, was completed. The range of products has been refreshed with many new items.


In 2020, the showroom and office were expanded and renovated with high-quality equipment, modern design and attractive samples.

vipplast logo
old vipplast office
aluminum pergola
vipplast production base
vipplast showroom
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The company "VIPPLAST" has been approved for projects by the European Union in 2022 and 2023!

Operational program innovation and competitiveness

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Проекти за оптимизация на бизнеса

През 2024 
Вип пласт ООД

Има инвестиционно предложение за изграждане на ФЕЦ до 150 kW върху покрива 

на собствена сграда находяща се на адрес: гр.Бургас,ул.5ти км, ПИ 07079.2.3292"

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