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Insect nets

Insect nets are a universal means of protection against insects, especially in summer. The mosquito nets  do not block the view through your window or door, do not take up much space and do not interfere, are extremely easy to dismantle, can be placed on windows and doors of any size. The materials from which the mosquito nets are made include: a Teflon-coated net, which is not affected by external conditions, is resistant to sunlight and other atmospheric conditions. The construction is made of aluminum profiles with an anti-dust coating, and it can be painted in any color according to your wishes.

Комарници на панти

Mosquito nets on panth and static

The mosquito net  on hinges is the most popular and affordable mosquito net model for doors and windows.

Ролетни Комарници

Roller mosquito nets

The vertical roller blinds  are suitable  for all types of windows -  single-winged and double-winged. They are an optimal option for an anti-insect net. 

Плисе Комарници

Pleated mosquito nets

Pleated mosquito nets are a practical and modern alternative to standard mosquito net models. Suitable for covering large areas.

Плъзгащи Комарници

Sliding mosquito nets

Sliding mosquito nets are ideal for covering a large area. Effective for protection against insects. Extremely convenient to use and support. A popular and modern aesthetic choice.

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