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Pleated mosquito nets

Pleated mosquito nets are a practical and modern alternative to standard mosquito net models. They  are also known as - pleat type mosquito net and accordion type mosquito net. They, as well as roller shutters, are suitable for covering large areas, for example with double-leaf doors with a flying divider, accordion-type opening, etc. The gathering in the pleated mosquito net is in a horizontal direction, with the net being folded like an accordion. Thanks to the pleating of the net like an accordion, when folded, the pleated mosquito net takes up minimal space and does not obstruct the view or passage.

Pleated mosquito nets
Палитра с цветове RAL

Visual characteristics

  • Unlike roller mosquito nets, here the net is not "under tension", i.e. the net does not collect directly if it is not locked, but stays in the position in which you leave it. Thanks to this, collecting and unfolding is very easy and does not require effort (as with roller mosquito nets).

  • The frame of the pleated mosquito net is available in white, all colors in the RAL catalog or wood decor.

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