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Стъклена преградна система

ART glass partition system


  • Application in various spheres of life: Workplace, recreation and culture premises, public areas, Hotels and restaurants, public institutions;

  • Design: Aluminum with powder coating, glass, foil

  • Safety: Drop prevention, intrusion protection

  • Statics: Impact loads, seismic safety, stable construction

  • Acoustics: Airborne sound reduction, longitudinal sound reduction

  • Hygiene: Clean with a vacuum cleaner, wipe

  • Fire protection: Fire resistance

  • Corrosion protection

Стъклена преградна система
Стъклена преградна система


  • Wall thickness: 42 mm - 62 mm

  • Height: 3000 mm - 5000 mm

  • Raster width: up to 700mm

  • Weight - 35 kg/m² - 50 kg/m²

  • Grip to the building structure: Hidden connections to the slab and walls; Perimeter seals; Deviations ±10 in height and width

  • Glass thickness: 10 mm tempered;  10 mm /66.2 glass package

  • Visibility: Clear glass, frosted glass, foils, screen printing, enamel

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