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Стъклена преградна система

Fancy glass partition system


Structurally glazed partition wall with double glazing.

Glazed partition wall, with a clear vision in one plane. Made of aluminum construction with double glazing, structurally fixed to the profiles.

Стъклена преградна система
Стъклена преградна система


  • Wall thickness: 102 mm

  • Height: Up to 4500 mm

  • Raster width: Up to 1600 mm

  • Weight - 40 kg/m² - 50 kg/m²

  • Grip to the building structure: Hidden connections to the slab and walls; Perimeter seals; Deviations ±10 in height and width

  • Glass thickness: 6mm / 8mm tempered

  • Visibility: Transparent glass, frosted glass, colored, built-in blinds between the glasses, foils, screen printing, enamel

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