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Roller mosquito nets

Vertical roller blinds  are suitable  for all types of windows -  single-wing and double-wing (with flying divider). They are an optimal option for an anti-insect net - comfortable, practical and long-lasting. Their advantage is that they are compact, easy to use  and occupy minimal space on the window. They are made  from an aluminum profile and are a fiberglass mesh wound on a roll. The roller together with the aluminum guides is assembled in a frame of 20/40 size profiles. During the cold months, the net remains rolled up and protected in the box, which extends its life many times over. Easy retracting  mesh  makes it easy to clean the non-opening parts of the window from the outside. 

Roller mosquito nets
Палитра с цветове RAL

Installation and colors

  • The roller mosquito net can be installed to all types of joinery - wooden, aluminum, plastic.

  • The frame of the mosquito net is available in white, all colors from the RAL catalog or wood decor.

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