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Collapsible system
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5-channel system

The folding system consists of lower and upper rails on which the wings move. At the ends, the system is framed with finishing side profiles. The glasses are placed in glass-holding profiles using antibacterial silicone. Each  wing has 4 pcs. double rollers by which it moves along the rails. PVC gaskets or aluminum profiles are placed between the glasses, which protect the room from rain, dust and wind, but it does not seal like PVC or aluminum joinery. At a greater height, it is recommended to place an aluminum profile between the glasses for greater stability. The principle of the system is that all wings come together at one end or both. The system is available in the version: with 10mm. tempered glass and double glazing 28mm. The maximum width of one wing with tempered glass is up to 700 mm, and the maximum height  up to 3000 mm. In the case of double glazing, the permissible size of the width of the wings is up to  800 mm., and the height is up to 3000 mm. The glasses can be in a color other than white.

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