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Слънцезащитни екрани

Sunscreens /SCREEN/ 


The sun protection screen/screen/ is a panel made of translucent mesh PVC  material, which by means of an actuator  moves in aluminum guides and is collected on a roll_cc781905-5cde-3194 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in an aluminum case. The PVC mesh fabric  is available in several different colors. The box and the guides are electrostatically powder coated and can be painted in the entire color range of the RAL catalog. The box can be mounted  on the side, front or ceiling, depending on the mounting location.  The control of the sun protection screens is carried out only with automation - electric motor with remote control of the French company Somfy.
The role of the sun screen is to protect from the sun and it is preferred for partitioning mainly restaurants and verandas.
Overall dimensions of sun protection screens are: width - 4000 mm. and height - 3000 mm.

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