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Hinged and static mosquito nets

The mosquito net  on hinges is the most popular and affordable mosquito net model for doors and windows. This type of mosquito net can be installed on almost any window or door. Hinged insect screens are easy to install. Their main advantage, apart from being cheap, is that they are easy to remove and can be easily cleaned.

It is desirable for mosquito nets for windows with a height of more than 120 cm to place a horizontal divider for the purpose of additional stability of the frame, otherwise there is a possibility that the mosquito net will sag slightly and the side profiles will bend slightly in the middle. The disadvantage is that the divider is visible and intrusive (especially at the windows). A horizontal divider must be placed on the mosquito net on the door hinges!

Static Mosquito Nets
Палитра с цветове RAL


  •  Static (non-openable) mosquito nets are the cheapest option for insect netting. This type of mosquito net is suitable for all types of windows where the net does not need to be moved. It can be put up and taken down seasonally. To install a static mosquito net, access to the window from the outside is required.

  •    Mosquito screens are made of an aluminum frame, which can be white, RAL catalog color or wood decor, and fiberglass mesh with Teflon coating.

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