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Hebe-Shibe /slide with lift/

The ASISTAL LS 60 /LIFT and SLIDE/ system is a product line with an interrupted thermal bridge for "slide with lift" type opening, which allows the production of very large doors.

 Technical characteristics:
• Double rail with installation width  145 mm  / 1 or 2 removable wings /;
• Triple rail with frame installation width 221 mm/  with 2 , 3, 6  movable wings;
• Single rail with 1 sliding wing, with the possibility of embedding and sliding into  the wall;
• Wing width – 60  mm;
• Perfectly compatible with other systems;
• Extremely good air and water tightness thanks to EPDM system seals;
• Multi-point locking;
• Possibility of using different types of glass units.

Asistal aluminum profile
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