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Horizontal blinds

Venetian or so-called "horizontal aluminum blinds" are the most commonly used and most preferred product for internal shading. They offer style and control of light and visibility at affordable prices. Horizontal blinds are easy to use and maintain, come in a variety of colors and designs, and this makes them suitable for sun protection both at home and in the office. With this model of blinds we can achieve a pleasant atmosphere and protect ourselves from unwanted glances. They are practical and complement the interior of any room.

The horizontal blinds are installed on the window frames without disturbing the insulating properties. They are made of 16 mm or 25 mm wide aluminum slats with a non-fading color lacquer coating and a variety of high-quality control mechanisms. Their precise workmanship and high-quality materials guarantee the use of this type of blinds for years. Horizontal aluminum blinds are extremely common and widely used due to their great practicality. Horizontal blinds are a solution for every home because they are practical and easy to maintain.

Хоризонтални Вътрешни щори
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