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ALUMIL SUPREME SF85 is an accordion type door system with an interrupted thermal bridge. This system is suitable for partitioning indoor and outdoor spaces. The system can be implemented in extremely large dimensions of height and width.  MAXIMUM WING HEIGHT - up to 4.0 meters,  MAXIMUM WING WIDTH - up to 1 .5 meters.

Алуминиева дограма


 Case width - 85mm;
• Smooth sliding and long life, quick opening and closing, comfortable service;
• Low threshold for convenient access and passage;
• It is possible to build structures with any number of wings using special hinges for heavy elements/up to 200 kg. /wing/;
• Glass package  - up to 58mm;
• Significant energy and cost savings thanks to excellent thermal insulation and U-values (only 1.0 W / m2K);
• Increased levels of security and protection against hacking, meeting all security standards;

• Incredibly reduced sight lines, contributing to the overall minimal design;

• Wide variety of solutions, with odd and even number of openings, angular construction, semi-structural ventilation version, opening inward and outward;

• Exceptional characteristics in terms of air permeability, resistance to wind load and waterproofing;

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