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ALUMIL SUPREME S91 is a system with an interrupted thermal bridge.
The SUPREME S91 system is specially designed to meet the high demands of passive houses. It is ideal for energy efficient structures offering a high level of security. The development of the system was driven by the need for best-in-class results in terms of thermal insulation, watertightness, as well as sound reduction. The system is the ideal solution for the most demanding customers.

Asistal aluminum profile


• The width of the case  - 91 mm.;
• The thermal insulation characteristics of the profile are of a very high level: Uf = 0.67 W/m²K;
• Polyamide - 54mm, ALUMIL Energy bar, Insulation foam;
• Maintains extremely good sound insulation up to - 41dB with three series of special sealants;
• Option to choose between glass units with different widths - 37mm to 81mm.

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