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Corona CT70AS - 5 chamber system

ПВЦ профил


• Case width  -70mm;
• Width of the wing - 80 mm. - waterproof;
• Wing geometry-fourth staggered contour-RONDO.
• The thermal insulation characteristics of the profile are of a very high level: Uf = 1.3W/m²K;
• Sound insulation - up to 47 dB;
• PVC - the raw material from which the profiles are made is of the highest quality, which makes them very resistant even to the strongest and most aggressive environmental influences;
• The surface of the profiles is perfectly smooth;
• The construction of the system is highly stable, as universal amplifiers with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm are used;
• The coefficient of sound insulation and thermal insulation can be increased by choosing a glass unit with different thickness: 24mm or 36mm.

The Corona CT 70 AS RONDO system, with an additional middle rubber seal, guarantees and combines excellent thermal insulation performance with minimal visible profile widths. The strong steel profiles in the frame and sash guarantee a high degree of resistance to the window. The construction and the materials used contribute to the quality sound insulation. The two degrees of compaction are a reliable barrier against air flow. A highly valued advantage of the system is the stylish optics and elegant contours of the profiles.

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