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ProfiLink Premium is a five-chamber system for production of PVC  windows and doors. This system is an excellent choice for any room as it is a perfect combination of affordable price and high quality.

ПВЦ профил


Profilink Premium-5-chamber system

• The width of the case - 70mm, and the width of  the six-chamber waterproof wing is 80mm. The special profile of the wing makes it possible to protect the rubber seal from atmospheric influences (sun, rain, wind), which leads to an increase in the resource of the product.
• Heat transfer coefficient -Uw up to 0.955;
• Sound insulation - 31-34 dB;
• PVC - the raw material from which the profiles are made is of the highest quality, which makes them very resistant even to the strongest and most aggressive environmental influences;
• The surface of the profiles is perfectly smooth;
• The construction of the system is highly stable, as universal amplifiers with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm are used;
• The coefficient of noise insulation and heat insulation can be increased by choosing a glass unit of different thickness:  24mm., 30mm. and 36mm.

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