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ПВЦ профили

PVC windows



Profiles for PVC windows are made from a polymer material called polyvinyl chloride. Manufacturers of PVC profiles for window frames develop new technologies, add modern modifiers to extend the service life and make them less susceptible to the effects of time.
PVC joinery has a long life in the absence of mechanical damage and proper operation. It attracts with its durability and cheap maintenance. The steel reinforcements built into the profiles provide the necessary strength.

Our main suppliers of PVC profiles are: ProfiLink and SCHUCO. The PVC profiles have a multi-chamber structure and strong steel reinforcement and for this reason are hardly subject to deformation. Doors and windows made of  PVC  profiles open and close easily and silently, fit tightly, resulting in good noise insulation and low thermal conductivity.


With the systems for PVC window frames, almost all individual wishes for shapes can be realized without any problems. The innovative gluing technique offers the possibility to build window elements with different geometric shapes.

ПВЦ профил
Цветова гама RAL


Color is the most important optical factor for humans and undoubtedly an important element in architecture.
Therefore, manufacturers of PVC profiles strive to develop as rich a possible  color assortment. The spectrum spans from classic white to strong color shades and is complemented by finely structured wood decors. Profiles can be both double-sided foiled and single-sided.

Гама дървени разцветки



Разгледайте каталог с PVC продуктите предлагани от Българската компания "PROFILINK".

Schuco лого

"Schüco" catalog

View a catalog of products offered by the German company "Schüco".

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