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Levante R60 and R61 awnings

Purpose of the LEVANTE R60 and R 61 awning with break arm:
For functional and decorative layout and shading of showcases, entrances, outdoor terraces, etc. places with the need to cover large areas.

Aluminum, with split consoles and large ejection arms (up to 5.50 m) with spring tension. The shaft supports are mounted on a transitional steel square beam clamped firmly to the support brackets and high-strength aluminum alloy cast arm brackets, allowing precise pitch adjustment with micrometric screws. It is anchored facing the facade with anchor bolts, at each of the brackets supporting the square beam. The shoulder consoles are anchored separately. The connecting elements
(bolts, nuts) are made of chrome-nickel steel.
Electrostatic powder coating with standard RAL color.


- with electric motor-reducer, with remote or button control and/or automatic control
(sensors for wind, sun, etc.). Automation sOmfy.

It is mainly made of acrylic fabrics (UV-protection). The color combination is at the customer's request. For advertising purposes, inscriptions, emblems, etc. are printed.

Maximum length L = 14.00 m, maximum extension in the direction of the arm B = 5.50 m.
Shoulder size, in m.: 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50.
Maximum length L = 14.00 m, maximum extension in the direction of the arm B = 4.25 m.
Shoulder size, in m.: 3.50, 3.75, 4.00, 4.25 

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